Win 10 FSX boxed edition install

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Martin VIFC004
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Win 10 FSX boxed edition install

Post by Martin VIFC004 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:22 am

I finally got Win 10 to recognize my Saitek gear. The problem was a multi-switch panel with a short. Once I got the new panel in it all worked fine. Did the FSX install as follows:

- Acceleration
- Global Base Vere 1.4
- Updates for Global Base
- Global Vector
- Updates for Vector
- Global Open LC Europe
- Global Open LC NA Alaska/Canada
- Global freeware airports NA and Europe
- Update libraries

I didn't use my original DVD's made from my initial downloads. Instead I downloaded the latest versions from FlightSim Store. They allow 99 downloads of any product at no extra cost, so you get the most current version. I figured it would be less troublesome. I used the default installation location.So far that's it. No aircraft yet and I haven't installed My Traffic 2013 as yet either. Downloading the Open LC "rest of" NA that includes the Carribean. I'll install that tomorrow. After each add on, I started FSX to test then rebooted the computer for good measure. Most likely not necessary but what the heck it's only costing time right?

Did two flights tonight without a hitch, so pretty happy so far.

Not sure if or when I'm going to install the regional packages. That will wait for a bit I think.
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David VIFC011
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Re: Win 10 FSX boxed edition install

Post by David VIFC011 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:26 pm

Sounds like a good plan, Martin.

Funny that you just mentioned 'Saitek' panel problem. My switch panel worked on Wednesday, but NOT on Thursday.
It's okay now - it was the USB plug into the USB hub. I unplugged, unpowered, and did the reverse - all is well.

Thanks for the 'Caribbean' reminder. I need to check St Maarten, and see if it is still required by FS/x or P3d (in scenery library)

(just tested St Maarten. It is STILL required. ORBX only has LandClass in this area)
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