WILLKOMMEN bei der Virtual International Flying Club

Welcome to the Virtual International Flying Club. Our club was founded in 2008 by three forward looking individuals who wanted a "Flying Club" as opposed to a Virtual Airline. These men, Jacques Couillard VIFC001, Zane Greenwald VIFC002 and Frank Pate VIFC003 created VIFC with the Motto "For the Enjoyment of Virtual Flight & Building of Friendships". A motto we strive to live up to today.

Here at VIFC we offer the virtual pilot many things. We have multi-leg tours that commence bi-monthly, we have Group Flights every Sunday and most importantly you as a VIFC pilot can fly any aircraft you own, from any airport, to any airport at any time. It's just that simple. Recently, we have added a small number of routes to our hubs as an addon to our Flying Club, just to give our pilots a little more. Currently we have hubs located at CYVR (Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada), LIPB (Balzono Italy), KRSW (Fort Myers Florida U.S.A.) and our newest hub at CYHZ (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Our members fly FSX, P3D and X-Plane. Using SimAcars as our client software your flight is tracked as soon as you log in until you shut down. Alternately you can file your flight report manually which is handy if you fly X-Plane on Mac or Linux. You can view your flight statistics and those of others. Earn badges for completed cross country flights or for hours flown. For multiplayer flights we are using FFS2PLAY as a client and for communications we use Teamspeak 3.

If you think you'd like to give us try, read our few rules and then register with us.



Piloten 34
Flugzeuge 33
Routen 162
Stunden Total: 21250.68
Flüge Total 15585
Linien Flüge 199
Charter Flüge 15386
% Linien Flüge 1.28 %


VIFC409Bryan Napper  EPSC  EPSK 2019-02-17 0.47
VIFC409Bryan Napper  KCBG  KRWF 2019-02-17 0.57
VIFC168Henk Barkhof  KCMX  WN11 2019-02-17 0.66
VIFC168Henk Barkhof  KOXV  KRDK 2019-02-17 0.63
VIFC419Denis Brown  CYHZ  CYDF 2019-02-17 1.21



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