Martin Schultz


The torch was passed from Jacques VIFC001 to me in 2015. The goal was to keep the spirit of VIFC alive. I have taken on the responsibility of keeping the club running both in financial terms and learning enough about php and MySql to be a danger to both myself and the club.

I fly both FSX and XP11. Both are equally good and I like one or the other best, depending on what I'm flying.

Originally from Nova Scotia, I haved lived in Saskatchewan Canada for the past 40 years, where I work part time after my retirement. Sometime verging on full time.


Wayne 'Ing' Lourens

Director (2018-2019)

Wayne joined VIFC is 2014 and is has been highly motivated and involved club member. He spent 35 years as a Sustainable Comminity Project Developer and Consultant, specifically in agriculture. In the times he was on rural comminity projects, his off-hours since 2002/2003 were lightened by FS2002 Pro as a means of unwinding. Many hours were spent doing aircraft repaints and basic scenerey design to make his simming as realistic as it could be.

Now a semi-retired farmer, he was given a copy of FSX Deluxe (Boxed Edition) in 2011 and has continued to do sporadic aircraft repaints and scenery desing. His current self imposed mission is to learn how to design sloping/contoured runways to enhance the flight sim experience for the Club even further.

Noel Kirkbride

Chairman (2018-2019) Recruiting and Retention

Noel has been with the club almost since it's inception in 2008. He is a high hours flier and dedicates a good portion of his retirement time to flying with the club. Noel is the Walmart Greeter of VIFC making sure new pilots are welcomed and given all the information they need to fly and have fun here at VIFC.

Noel lives in British Columbia Canada.....where it never snows :)

Vernon Christie

Public Relations

Vernon is another long timer with the club. His responsibilites include maintaining an open channel of communication with organizations like and to ensure that any news or happenings are broadcast to the Flight Simming World.

Vernon hails from Kansas, U.S.A.

Jim Glockner

Events and Special Operations

The club would be a less interesting place to fly if it were not for Jim. His creates our tours and Sunday Flyin's. Jim does and excellent job of this and with luck he will carry on for a long, long time.

Jim is from New York State, U.S.A. He is a volunteer and part time employee at his local hospital.

Glenn Syme


Glenn joined us in 2015. He's semi retired continuing to work with the his organization on a part time basis. Glenn's an avid flyer. His role of director is to ensure the Steering Committee has the ability to keep up with the needs of our pilots.

Glenn hails from the only Canadian Prairie Province with an ocean view....Manitoba.

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